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Best Hair Extensions

Hi, Ginger here! I just used a new product from Aqua Hair Extensions and all I can say is wow! Not only did the hair extension look great, but it felt great too. Probably because they use real human hair for their extensions. At first, that kind of grossed me out, knowing that I was putting another person’s hair on mine, but the truth is that if you want quality that is what you need to do. They also have extensions in every color you can imagine so whatever hair color you actually haveaqua hair it will match that hairstyle, and it will look completely natural.

They also offer a remy tape in hair extensions that makes your natural hair blend gloriously with your extensions. So in the end of the day, your natural hair will look fabulous as well as your extensions. Not only do they offer every single hair color available to match with your own, but they also have different styles of hair. If you have naturally straight hair and want to get straight extensions they have that option. If you have curly hair, you can get the curly extension. The beauty of it is also if you want to change it up you can. For instance, if your hair is straight and you want to make it curly, you can go to your hairdresser, make it wavy and then use your curly extension, so it looks like you have long, natural, curly hair. You can also do the same if you have naturally curly hair; you can have the straight extension and make your hair straight and just add on that extension.

That is what makes Aqua Hair Extensions so amazing. It does not matter what hair you have, whether it is the color or style, there is always an option for you. Again not forgetting the keratin treatment to make your natural hair look even BETTER!

So enough about the product, let me get started on their customer service. If I can describe it in one word, it would be amazing! You can call them at whatever hour during the day, and they will answer and help you with any questhair extentionions or concerns. They not only help you but you actually feel like they have their best interest in you. They seem committed to helping other people out in attaining their perfect image. They are very dedicated to educating their clients on anything having to do with their field. I had a particular question about their keratin treatment and how it would be able to help me and without them even making a sale, they went on and on explaining to me the benefits of using the keratin treatment. It did not feel like they were selling to me but actually informing me about the advantages of using their products.

If I had to choose any company to help me with hair treatment and hair extension products, there is no one else that I would go to except for Aqua Hair Extensions. I definitely recommend the company to anybody that is looking for extensions and is looking to make their natural hair look much better. Take my word for it!