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Hello, Ginger here! So I recently wanted to upgrade my home and add a sunroom to it. A sunroom is a major construction project that requires certain expertise, precision, and knowledge. After shopping around looking at different construction companies I found one that I really felt comfortable with, and as it turns out, I do not regret my decision. M.Daigle & Sons is an outstanding construction company that not only help me build the perfect sunroom, but made the process stress free and painless.

I called M.Daigle & Sons not knowing anything about construction or what it takes to take on a project of this magnitude. They were very friendly and explained to me the whole process A-Z. I was also surprised to know that their rate beat out all of their competitors. After deciding to go with M.Daigle & Sons, they showed up to my home promptly, gave me a free estimate (which I agreed to) and they started construction within a couple of days.

The whole project took a lot less time than expected to my surprise. Usually, when you deal with contractors, they are extremely unreliable and work on their own schedule. With M.Daigle & Sons, it was all about me. They asked me when it would be a good time for me for them to come and start working. When they said they will be there at a particular time, they did not just show up at a different time but were extremely punctual. That is definitely a trait I can admire in a construction company. Once my sunroom was complete, I was absolutely satisfied with the outcome. No problems whatsoever. Everything was where it needed to be how it needed to be. M.Daigle & Sons completed my sunroom, and the result is absolutely outstanding, like a work of art.

M.Daigle & Sons expertise is not limited to just building sunrooms, but they also specialize in screen rooms and other exterior improvements. They have been in the construction industry for over 30 years so you know they have the experience, and I can guarantee that their work is above par. If you have a mobile home, they can give it a complete makeover. They also specialize in dealing with concrete, windows, and doors. Most of M.Daigle & Sons products come with a minimum of 15 years warranty. If you have ever dealt with contractors before you should know that a lot of the project may be subcontracted to a company that you did not hire or approve of. With M.Daigle & Sons, 90% of the work is completed by in-house employees.

Would I recommend M.Daigle & Sons to my friends and family? Absolutely! Not only is this the most professional and time efficient construction company I have ever dealt with, but they are also the most experienced one too. Probably has something to do with their 30 years plus experience they have in the field. So if you are looking for work done on your home or to upgrade your home with a sunroom, give M.Daigle & Sons a call.