A Blue Chapter in My Life

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by Moviestore/Re/REX Shutterstock (899322a) Boyz N The Hood, Ice Cube Film and Television

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Moviestore/Re/REX Shutterstock (899322a)
Boyz N The Hood, Ice Cube
Film and Television

So I am so totally done living in Jacksonville. I have moved from Jacksonville to the lower keys in Florida. But first drama dump.

Okay, so you know how I was dating that guy Greg who was in that band? Well, it turns out he is into a lot of other weird stuff that I didn’t know about until he asked me to move in. Look at me I was in love; I have blue hair, of course, I’m impulsive. So I decide to move in with him because that’s how life is.

So I live with him and all of the sudden I see a bunch of weird changes. He’s spending an irregular amount of time with his friend Evan. He’s coming home smelling awful and doesn’t get me wrong I’m not the look up kinda person and be clawing at the walls hoping that he comes home. But I expect not to be alone all the time.

So he comes n one day blathering about vomiting and how he doesn’t love me anymore, and I decide that is it, I am out of there.

So I just get in my 2-door Prius, and I drive as far north as I can. But little did I know that I was going in the wrong direction! So I ended up down in the Key west of all places, and I’m like no this is a little too south for me. Let me hang out in the Lower Key.

So I like it a lot, and I decided to call my dad to help me move down here. He connected me with these realtors that have the best houses in Lower Key, and I am getting set for life.

Now that I’ve been down here for a little bit I’m ready to hang out with my new guy named Brad, maybe you’ve heard of him. He’s really big, and he just broke things off with his wife, some high profile affair, I don’t want to get into it.

I’m not big into taking care of kids, but I like where this Brad guy is coming from. It’s all about emotional attachment. Anyway, I think he’s going to look great with blue hair. It should be finished dying now, will give you guys an update later!

Website Development with Social Agency

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Fire Alarm Inspection

Fire Alarm Inspection

Hi, Ginger here! So my coworker tried to heat up some food the other day in the microwave with some foil still on the food, and it made a fire! Do not EVER do this! Thankfully nobody was injured, but we did notice a problem, our fire alarms did not go off during the fire. This is extremely dangerous and because if there were an actual fire, the fire department would not have known about it and people could have gotten really hurt. My boss told me to look for a good company that could inspect our fire alarm, and I found an excellent company called Safe Inc.

As soon as I called Safe Inc., I was greeted with a warm (no pun intended) “hello” and was transferred straight to someone who can schedule a technician to come by the office and perform a fire alarm inspection. They gave me the rate right on the spot, which was extremely affordable, and said they would have someone out there in two days at 12:00 PM. That day came, and the technician was there on time at 12:00 PM right on the dot. So as far as punctuality and price go, there are no complaints there. Once the technician started working, he check all of our fire alarms, changed all of the batteries for each, and tested them. He told us that we were very lucky that the microwave fire was not as bad as it could have been and that nobody was hurt. If it happened to be a bigger fire something worse could have happened than someone just getting hurt.

Safe Inc. does no just deal with fire alarm inspections, but they also deal with the installation, repairs, and battery replacements of new and old fire alarms. Safe Inc. also deals with the installation of sophisticated intercom systems. They believe it is critical to a school or any facility for that matter. Safe Inc. also takes surveillance very seriously. They will inspect and repair any surveillance cameras you already have operating or install new ones if needed. They believe that preventing the problem before it occurs is a crucial part of everyday life.

My coworkers and I have learned our lesson, but this post is not about the danger or the fire, it is about the outstanding service that Safe Inc. provided. They came promptly on time and did their job at a very competitive rate. The technician was extremely skilled and experienced and knew exactly what he needed to do without any complaint. Safe Inc. uses their own trusted technicians to complete jobs. They do not subcontract out jobs to other people. This definitely sets them apart from the crowd. I have dealt with too many service people and technicians that have subcontracted the job to others, and it always creates a problem from the agreed price to the job that is supposed to be done. Safe Inc. is definitely a company that I would recommend for others to use.