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Florida & Air Conditioning


Hi, Ginger here! So all of us living in Florida know how important it is for us to have a reliable, operating AC unit. About 10 out of the 12 months of the year it is extremely hot! Having said that, my AC unit broke down last week. As I am sitting in my house, which is feeling like a sauna, I am thinking which company I can call to repair my AC unit. A friend of mine recommended me to Waychoff’s Air Conditioning.

Once I called Waychoff’s Air Conditioning, I knew I had called the right place to repair my AC unit. The receptionist was very pleasant and was able to give me a quote over the phone. She seemed to know exactly what the problem was just by me verbally telling her what was going on. I told her that this was an emergency and that I just can not stay in the heat for that long. She told me not to worry that Waychoff’s Air Conditioning Service offers emergency services and can be at my house within a couple of hours. I was a little bit skeptical but before you know it the doorbell rang, and it was the AC technician.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the door for the AC technician was that he was wearing little booties on his feet. When I asked him what they were for he said simply, that it is to respect the house and floors of their clients. Astounded by this response, I let him in, and he went straight to my AC unit. He was able to determine the problem within a couple of minutes, and he confirmed what the receptionist initially identified the problem to be. Before starting to work, he verified with me the price that I was quoted on the phone and began working.

The job took him about 30 minutes to complete, which is a lot faster than I was expecting it to be. He gave me the final invoice for me to look at and to my surprise, the price had not changed! I know this is something that should be expected in a service call, but I have dealt with so many companies in the past that have quoted me a certain price and after completing the job they would add whatever “additional fees” they saw fit. The technician informed me on what the problem is and how I can avoid that same problem in the future, something that I truly appreciated. He was calm and collected and never seemed in a rush, not to mention that he finished the job speedy quick.

In conclusion, Waychoff’s Air Conditioning is the best air conditioning service I have ever used, hands down. I will definitely recommend their services to my friends and family, no question. If you are looking for an AC repair company that will give you a competitive price on the job, give you top notch repair service, and have an experienced, and knowledgeable technician give you some professional advice, I do not know how you can go to anybody else besides Waychoff’s Air Conditioning.