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Mom’s Moving to South Florida

South Florida

Hey guys Ginger Here! So my mother is retiring and is looking to move down to South Florida. She knows the area that she wants to live in, the type of property that she wants, and the real estate agent that she is going to use. The only thing that she was not sure of was which mortgage company would finance her for her mortgage. So naturally, she asked her real estate agent which company she can recommend to my mother. Her agent suggested Mortgage Masters Inc. I have been dealing with them for the past couple of weeks now, and I must say, they are great!South Florida logo

We were assigned a mortgage broker within the team of Mortgage Masters Inc., who was extremely knowledgeable in the field and knew exactly what needed to be done to get the job done. Mortgage Masters Inc. has been in business for over 25 years, so I knew I was in good hands. Our mortgage broker explained to us many things that I just did not know. There are different types of mortgages you can get (FHA loan VS. conventional loan VS. VA loan), something I was not too sure about. My mother was also not sure what she would need to put as a down payment to obtain the financing, so our broker not only explained to us the process but was able to get my mom pre-approved for the loan within a couple of hours. We also were not too sure what interest rate my mom can expect to pay once she got approved for the mortgage, everything plus more was explained to us in detail. The Mortgage Masters Inc. website was also very helpful. It is filled with useful tools that help explain things that we just were not too sure about. There is a calculator on the website that can help you determine your monthly mortgage payments; that is something that helped us determine what my mom can afford to buy and how much money she would be able to put out of pocket. There is also an online loan application that you can use to get pre-approved faster, instead of having to wait a certain amount of time for the mortgage broker to get back to you.

All in all, the customer service and all around expertise of Mortgage Masters Inc. is exceptional. The first time we called, we got a swift and timely response from the dispatcher, who was very knowledgeable. Within a matter of minutes, we were talking to an expert mortgage broker who knew everything that we needed to know. We know that our mortgage broker has our best interest and will do everything in her power to get my mother financed and into the perfect home for her retirement. I would absolutely recommend the services of Mortgage Masters Inc. to anyone relocating to South Florida or is already living in South Florida and is just looking for a new home. Mortgage Masters Inc. is a 10/10 in every aspect as a mortgage company.