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Honestly? Jason, You’re an Idiot!


Hello, Ginger here! So my boyfriend and I went on vacation in Miami last week, and he somehow forgot the key in our rental car and locked the car! How can someone be so careless?! So obviously we had to call a locksmith, what we got was probably the best locksmith service that I have ever experienced. Locksmith Miami 305 came to the rescue!

Hotel ViewI have to say Locksmith Miami 305 is probably the best auto locksmith service that I have used in Miami or anywhere else for that matter. I was surprised to find out that their services were extremely affordable. I did not have to haggle on the price at all. They got to my location in a matter of minutes, opened the car door in even less time, and we were on our way before you even knew it. I have heard of so many bad locksmith experiences from the technician not knowing what to do, to the technician getting to the location extremely late, to the technician never getting there at all.

Locksmith Miami 305 services are not limited to just cars, but they also do house calls and business call. If you got locked out of your house, for example, they could be there in a matter of minutes, so you are not stuck in the cold (or in the heat if you are in Miami). Again, Their prices are just absolutely outstanding; I have no idea how they turn a profit out of this business!

If you think those are the only services that Locksmith Miami 305 offers, you are wrong! They can also install a new lock for you if you need. Or if you already have a lock in place that you need to replace, they will remove your old lock and replace it with the new one.

These services are not just limited to your car or your home; Locksmith Miami 305 also deal with commercial buildings. Obviously, they can unlock your lock if you have been locked out but they can do so much more! If you have a mailbox or cabinet that has a lock on it, they can change the lock on those as well. They can also change and install new locks even if they are commercial grade.

Customer service with Locksmith Miami 305 is just fantastic. When you give them a call, a very pleasant and knowledgeable dispatcher answers the call and answers every question that you might have. The dispatcher was also extremely informative. Any questions I had the dispatcher would answer. The price that the dispatcher gave me is the price that the technician gave me when he got to the location. Like I already said before there was no need for haggling. What you see is what you get. I would absolutely recommend Locksmith Miami 305 to any of my friends and family who happen to be in the Miami area and are put through the same situation that I was in. For all the locals that might stumble on the same issue, I do not know if any other company can give you the same service that Locksmith Miami 305 has given me. They are hand down the best locksmith service Miami has to offer.