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I used to be a red head but I recently dyed my hair blue, and as you can see I like to spell it like bleu. I recently wanted to make a logo for myself so after looking for a while, I found the company A Graphic Advantage and they did a phenomenal job with my logo. When it comes to graphic design, they are my go-to company. Graphic design is not something I am too familiar with so they made the experience very comfortable for me. I am usually a huge fan of the color pink, but when they explained to me the pros and cons of what colors I should use or should not use when it comes to making a logo, I had to reconsider. The point is that they did not just take a design logo that I wanted and created it, they gave me real advice on how to make my logo look more appealing and why it would look more appealing that particular way. After the logo was complete, they went further and created some alterations to the original design in different variations to see if I would prefer something else.BG

They gave me about ten different styles and themes with the same logo and asked me which one I would prefer. In the end, I received a logo that not only represents me and what I stand for, but that other people can somehow relate to themselves. That is something that is incredibly important to me, relating and connecting to other individuals. When all is said and done, my logo is MY logo, and I can do with it whatever I want. I can put it on my business cards, display it on my website, send it out to people on flyers, or when the time comes print it on a humongous billboard for everyone to see. A Graphic Advantage is also always there when I have any questions or concerns. I can call anytime during the day, and they will answer the phone and in a calm and professional tone, answer all of my questions. I will never forget the experience that I have had with them, and I will definitely use them in the future. I will also recommend their services to anybody that is looking to create a logo. Take my word for it, when it comes to logos, A Graphic Advantage is the way to go. They are extremely professional and offer very competitive rates.



My name is Ginger and I'm a student at JSU and I used to be a natural ginger, but I recently dyed my hair blue. I hate spelling blue the correct way, hence Bleu Ginger. Follow my adventures!

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